Wrapping up…

I made it back to the States in mid-December, God willing, for my final trip home from Mission Malawi. The short story:

I went back to extend the help we’d given these boys…


to these girls…

After a few tries at helping their family, we ended up making provision for the oldest to finish secondary school (high school)…


…but now it’s up to her.

We’d also hoped to get the boys’ older friend into a special needs boarding school, but weren’t able to. He wasn’t willing to go. It seemed to be further than he wanted to travel.

The home that could keep him, while he went to the special needs school in town, was concerned about his fit with their current students. So that limited our options even further.

The truth is, it might have been difficult, but he could have gone to school without our assistance. So eventually we had to face the fact that part of our problem…was his motivation. There were kids more self-motivated, and we were actually working with one. So we turned our attention to him, and also made provision for him to finish secondary school.


But it’s now up to him as well—and up to this point he’s been diligent.

Ultimately I was there to preach though. I had begun preaching goodbye sermons to various congregations this summer. But as I prepared to leave, I was fortunate to get an invitation to guest teach homiletics (preaching structure, etc.) to a group of new teachers at a congregation in Lilongwe, Malawi’s capitol. It was a blessing.

It was a great way to close out my time in Malawi—and hopefully lay the foundation for a new generation to grow a passion for preaching in the style of Christ Himself. Something that became my passion in my time there.

There’s much more to these stories, so in the weeks ahead we’ll be looking at the best way(s) to summarize my years in Malawi.

In the meantime though, thanks! And as always, God’s best to you as you go forward in Him…


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