“A brick is not a wall…”

…one of the few sayings from my time in higher ed that I admire and still work to apply. It’s a point uniquely fitted to my weaknesses, since I tend to overanalyze tasks, and sometimes inflate their difficulty.  So this post is to simply get me moving…to end the weeks that it’s been since I started this blog, but have failed to post in it. It means more than the end of procrastination. It actually marks a milestone:  the point at which I finally settled on a layout, and got it to work.

I’m a preacher not a web designer.  And as user friendly as designers of blogging sites try to make them for novices, I was still surprised at how much effort it took to arrange “stuff” on the page, in a manner that’s relevant to what we’re doing.

Getting here has taken a fair amount of effort.  But as much time as it has taken, I guess it hasn’t been completely wasted—since it’s only fair to keep you all updated on how the work is going.

So for those who don’t know, I’ve been a youth minister since finishing preaching school in 2012.  And about two weeks ago I got to follow the kids on my last run with them through the NM state basketball tournament.  As always, I had a great time.  But this time I got to extend my stay to preach at a local congregation—and discuss the mission with their leadership.  

The family with whom I stayed was incredible. It turned out to be a great fit for me, and I hope for them as well.  I’m praying that God multiply the blessing back not only to them, but to the family with whom I usually stay during the state tournament.  They’re an older couple, and the husband has had a particularly rough year in cancer therapy.  His condition is stable now, but as many prayers as you can offer up for them, please do. They’ve taken care of me a great deal during my short stay in NM, so I’m obviously hoping that God multiply His blessings back to them too, abundantly!

As difficult a time as I had in deciding what to write here though, this is the second time that I’ve gone from wondering where to begin, to fighting the temptation to ramble.  Because, as I write, my mind has gone back to other progress that the work has seen since I took this page on line.  A brother whom I didn’t get to see while I was away in Albuquerque invited me to describe the mission to his congregation later in April, I finally shot my webpage’s link over to the folks at Sunset Lubbock for the space they’ve reserved for it, and I got sound budgetary advice from a friend who I’d forgotten lived in Malawi with the peace corps.  So if you’re interested in prayer needs, (1) the success of pending preaching engagements, and (2) wisdom in prioritizing the remaining needs for getting to the mission field, would be great things to add to your prayers. Thank you!

Of course, progress also highlights areas in need of growth.  Foremost for me may be language learning.  But for the sake of brevity, that’s a story for another entry…

…oh, and by the way, “a brick is not a wall” is simply a warning.  It cautions us not to inflate the significance of a single piece of evidence.  But on another level, it reminds me not to feel intimidated by the size of the task ahead.  It encourages me to focus on properly fitting each brick – and to stop staring at the pile – to move forward effectively even if doubts about the path still linger.

My prayer for you is my prayer for me: in Him may we abound in the wisdom to righteously, diligently build…to simply move forward!


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