Shots and whatnot

…April…May…June…July…August…and I’m back.  Updating our progress shouldn’t be this hard.  But I guess part of the reason I picked a picture of a baby wailing while gettin’ his shots, was that all my excuses for not writing just amount to whining…and that’s all.  I feel sorry for the baby, but not me…no reason for self-pity, it’s been too nice a day.

So while there’s no way that I’m going to update everything that’s gone on for the last 4+ months in one post, the picture is a hint. We’ve gotten shots!  I just found out that they’re not all of the ones that I’ll need, but that’s actually the result of more good news.  I spoke for the first time this week with a set of contacts in country who have been HUGE. After one conversation they let me know: (1) the shots that I’ll actually need in addition to those advised by the CDC, (2) the actual process for getting my visa and work permit approved, and (3) the practical constraints with getting housing as a foreign national.  These are all things that I’ve been trying to learn for months—but simply haven’t gotten resolved. All things in His time though.

So while the last few months have been consumed by balancing the effort to help a congregation revive its youth ministry, with maintaining property we need to dispose of in another state, crawling through the list of things that have to get done before I can board the plane, and – oh yeah – dealing with the most emotionally taxing summer of social unrest that I recall since the L.A. riots—we still have real, tangible progress.

…my application for an employment permit to work in Malawi is done.  We may need to supplement data at the government’s request, but the US side is done and forwarded for filing.

…my shots, while they’re not done, are at least done to minimum requirements—as we look to move on to finishing those suggested.

…and my property is one step closer to being liquidated and arranged for departure.

I haven’t spoken much about moves made on the property yet, because that’s a story for another day—maybe even the next post.  So if you’re praying for us, there it is, a prayer need: proper management of my remaining ties here (material and all).

The call this week raised some questions about the proper disposal of ties stateside.  So while that call was a huge encouragement, what’s life without a “to be continued…”

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