June 2016 Newsletter – Issue #5

This is a cautionary tale about the mission field. Like our congregations—it’s too often shrouded in secrets and pretense. Thus, even after careful preparation, it’s easy to enter either one knowing only a fraction of what you need to. This may swing the pendulum back too far the other way, but hopefully understanding my story so far will help you…


If the internal link to the meeting audio doesn’t work, I’m attaching the recording here:

Likewise, I’m attaching a separate PDF with some of the correspondence more fully visible, along with the full SIBI Satellite School Handbook.

MIBI NEWSLETTER #5 – Visible Correspondence

Satellite School Handbook – May 2015


Peace Talks

Even though this situation seems to have gone far beyond a simple dispute between two brothers, I chose to at least try the Matthew 18 approach.   But efforts to resolve this privately with the school’s Board of Directors failed.  I’ve made the requested change to the Newsletter that one of the Board Members sought.  But my correspondence with the Board and both responses I received from them are attached.

If you have any questions or think that I haven’t included enough information though, feel free to comment here or message me privately.


With this post though, I’m looking to turn the page. My plan is to stay here working independently, because there’s so much to do even in a small town like Dedza. But, God willing, more on that next month…

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