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I saw a beautiful sister today…

…she’s from the Congo.  I walked into a part of town not far from where I grew up, but one now culturally miles away.  It’s been redeveloped and a wealthier crowd has moved in.  About a mile in one direction and old mixes well with new.  About a mile the way I walked today and…?

She was serving coffee and she was pleasant.  It was only after I realized she had trouble with my southern grammar that it clicked:  she’s not from here.

Getting to talk with her reminded me how one of my boys greeted me when I first moved to Malawi.  He simply said “Welcome home!”  Until then I hadn’t spent more than a month in Africa.  But he knew.  And talking with her for little more than five minutes reminded me:  no matter how abundant Africa’s problems, it has a Living Spirit that can put you at ease in almost any environment…if you let it.

Honestly that Spirit lives anywhere His people do, and we aren’t dead yet.  It feels somewhat presumptuous to just claim to be His.  He’ll reveal the truth in that one day.  But I’ve still got hope, and frequently enough it’s fed by souls He brings my way.  She was one, and she reminded me…

…that “Hello” doesn’t have to be complicated,

…that kindness is more valuable than new money…or even old,

…and that He’s still well-represented in otherwise unpleasant places.  #acts18  #corinth

For now, I’m back in the states and it’s election day.  But today it was good meeting someone who reminded me that my job is to at least try to be someone’s light…in every situation.

Hopefully we’ll be that no matter what happens tonight.  God bless!  :]

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