Newsletter #8 — Re-entry 2017

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4 thoughts on “Newsletter #8 — Re-entry 2017

  1. Marvis Campbell


    Last night, Susan (Kirk’s wife) shared how glad she was that you spent a couple of days w/Ben (his wife is here w/them). I mentioned the newsletter w/you and Ben serving communion. She was so excited and wanted to see your video update.

    Mary and others from class asked about you and continue to lift you up in prayer.

    May God continue to be w/u removing all obstacles that impede your work and ministry. May He build you up physically mentally emotionally and spiritually as you face roadblocks and obstacles along the way. Through your determination and perseverance, may the name of God and His Son Jesus be magnified glorified – leading & bringing others to obedience and to salvation thru Jesus Christ.

    Luv and blessings. Mum

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  2. Garrett Lassiter

    Enjoyed the video update bro., Pray you are well and abiding in Him!! Blessings on the work there!



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